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    The Company specializing in the production of high-speed commutator of fine cars, automatic, semi-automatic welding machine motor commutator point, spot welding machine for soft wire, high-voltage pulsed magnetic machine, commutator automatic machine carved worse, the stator and rotor automatically, semi-automatic winding machine, stator and rotor tank insulation paper inserted machine, stator, rotor pressed into the axis machines, automatic semi-automatic coating machines, disc, the tunnel automatic drip paint,machine.


     Variety complete, and reliable performance, the introduction of advanced technology from abroad in recent years, according to China's national conditions and the development of production, product found all over the country, well received by users.

     The Company's products in the extensive use of special welding. Welding for users solve many problems,and for the design,manufacture various types of non-standard welding equipment,particularly in the electrical contacts spot welding,non-ferrous metals spot welding,spot welding without injury, different materials and different thickness of spot welding have a breakthrough.Electrostatic spraying powder in complete sets of equipment,many domestic manufacturers for the design, manufacture electrostatic powder coating production lines,and for users design,manufacture electric hot air or fuel oven bake Road,provided the surface coating of metal before handling technical services.

    The Company's strong technical force,timely delivery,the undersigned contracts,services and thoughtful,Mr Frederick there in the industry reputation.All are welcome to visit.

  ADD:Shangye Industrial Park,Haiyou,Sanmen,Taizhou,Zhejiang,China
Zip Code:317100
Tel:0576-83351238 83351288
Contact:Mr. Wang
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